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Anytime Fitness Cambridge Ohio - Opening Hours And Location Maps

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G-business You're looking for Anytime Fitness Cambridge . Find information about the location map and opening hours of Anytime Fitness in 61600 Southgate Rd Suite 105, Cambridge, OH 43725, United States


Location Anytime Fitness Cambridge

61600 Southgate Rd Suite 105, Cambridge, OH 43725, United States

Anytime Fitness Cambridge Ohio - Opening Hours And Location Maps

Opening Hours Anytime Fitness Cambridge

The following are the opening and closing hours at Anytime Fitness Cambridge

  • Monday - Open 24 Hours
  • Tuesday  - Open 24 Hours
  • Wednesday - Open 24 Hours
  • Thursday - Open 24 Hours
  • Friday  - Open 24 Hours
  • Saturday - Open 24 Hours
  • Sunday - Open 24 Hours

Real customer testimonials for Anytime Fitness Cambridge

Here's an Amazing Review from Anytime Fitness Cambridge customers

By: Layne Neuhart 4 week ago

I joined this gym a month ago with a lot of doubts and worries. I've never been a "gym membership" type of girl. I always worried about doing things wrong or being looked at like the complete fool I am when it comes to working out. This experience has totally changed that for me!! I have been able to work at my own pace without feeling judged and there's always been helpful strangers to give me a tip or a smile. Managers and trainers are extremely kind and always make the gym feel like it should- a safe space. I recommend this place for anyone, but especially those who feel like I did. The gym has changed from a scary unknown to a safe place to work on myself inside and out.

By: Sean McCormick , 2 months ago

This is my first workout ever in an Anytime Fitness and I can officially say this location has set a standard I don’t think anyone else will be able to reach. The staff was friendly, accommodating and makes you feel like you are their most important member. The facility is so clean you could eat off the floor and the environment is one of a kind. So if you are like me and love the gym you’d be a fool not to workout here.

By: Renee Peters , 5 months ago

Love the owners. Family owned and ran and it shows. Not too crowded but frequently used. They have free weights and they have machines. They also offer coaches to help you. I would suggest going with a group because its cheaper in the group for the coaches. The vending machine is overly expensive except for the cheap water. I would suggest to go to the dollar store right next door for anything you need.

By: Jeremy Wilson , a years ago

I am happy with my membership with Anytime Fitness. The owners are very involved with all members, kind and courteous. The gym is always immaculate. The gym has so much to offer as far as workouts and equipment to meet anyone's fitness needs. I highly recommend coming in checking it out if you are thinking about joining a gym. The gym also offers tanning, which is excellent, and classes Throughout the week.

By: Erica Roberts , a years ago

When I first walked into the gym for an inquiry, the staff was eager and ready to help. They were busy with renovations at the time, but still stopped to give me a tour of the facility and all the equipment. As a prior member of gyms such as Planet Fitness, I was so relieved to see how the management were to make everything less overwhelming and welcoming. The pricing of the gym differs based on the needs of the person with the option of a tanning package (which was needed since our main tanning salon closed 5 years back). The equipment is very unique for the area and appeases to all different needs of members whether it be cardio, weight training, or high intensity training. The gym has a private studio that was great for the classes that have been held recently. As someone who has worked second shift jobs and have 3 kids, I love the ability to work out at those “off-times” in the day. Overall, between the upbeat atmosphere, variety of what they have to offer and the great staff, I would highly recommend this gym!

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