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Boxing Gym Cambridge Ma - ILovekickboxing Cambridge

G-business You're looking for ilovekickboxing cambridge. Find information about the location map and opening hours of Boxing Gym in 42 Concord Ln, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States.


Location Boxing Gym Cambridge Ma

42 Concord Ln, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States

Boxing Gym Cambridge Ma

Opening And Closing Hours Boxing Gym Cambridge Ma

The following are the opening and closing hours at Boxing Gym Cambridge Ma

  • Monday - 7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday  - 7AM–9PM
  • Wednesday - 7AM–9PM
  • Thursday - 7AM–10PM
  • Friday  - 1–8PM
  • Saturday - 9AM–3PM
  • Sunday - Open 24 Hours

Real customer testimonials for Boxing Gym Cambridge Ma

Here's an Amazing Review from Boxing Gym Cambridge Ma customers

By: Erin McGinley 5 months ago

I did the six week challenge with ilovekickboxing Cambridge, and I lost 17 pounds! They were so nice. All of the instructors are positive and guide you through the workout. Don’t worry if you’re an absolute beginner: you will feel like it’s just a fun workout but with gloves! ILKB Cambridge did a wonderful job supporting me on my journey and being understanding of adapting my six week challenge to my needs. When my challenge ended they were also very willing to discuss multiple options for me to continue. Whether you’re a practiced boxer and want to practice your skills or someone who hasn’t exercised in awhile and needs a fun way to get back into it, you’ll feel very welcome here and you’ll have a great time!

By: Christina Mucinski-Gargon , 5 months ago

I absolutely love going to classes at ILKB Cambridge! The instructors are fun, energetic, and very positive. Kickboxing has been the only exercise I have stuck with, I think because it feels like a different workout every time. The biggest difference is that I feel more able to engage in physical activities with my friends (like hiking!) and higher energy throughout the day since I started at this studio. They have been very careful during COVID and followed all guidelines-I felt safe before and after I got vaccinated. Some reviews complain about cancellation policy, but this was VERY clearly conveyed to me upon signing up, as well as clearly stated in the contract I signed. There is nothing new about this, every gym I have ever signed up for has a cancellation fee. The environment is very friendly and accepting, I highly recommend giving it a try if you are thinking about it!

By: Mari Long , a months ago

I did a 6 week challenge and lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks. Everyone at ILKB was very helpful and encouraging. The classes are challenging and fun. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good workout.

By: Başak Sıla Bengisu , 2 months ago

Petty business. I purchased a 5 lesson trial deal but they won't book me for more than one lesson a week and it's a one month deal. They put a deal in front of me after my first class and said if I didn't decide NOW, I'd lose the deal and would have to pay a 197 additional fee. There's something very disturbing in the way they do business, they try to take advantage of you. Also very rude communication style.

By: Raghav Mendiratta , a months ago

Absolutely predatory and unethical business. Stay away from this place with a 10 foot pole. Their 6 week "FREE" program that charges 500 USD counts on their users failing. Their incentives are not aligned with their client's: a client's natural incentive is to loose weight and improve overall health. Their incentive is that their clients fail so that they can keep their 500 USD "challenge" deposit. Their staff is pushy from the outset and they tell you that if you don't take the deal NOW, you loose it. They take advantage of their clients' insecurities. Do your physical and mental health a favor and stay away from this place.

96 Reviews (link)

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Cambridge Canada Fitness Gym United States
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