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Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md

G-business You're looking for Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md. Find information about the location map and opening hours of Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md in 702 Cambridge Marketplace Blvd, Cambridge, MD 21613, United States


Location Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md

702 Cambridge Marketplace Blvd, Cambridge, MD 21613, United States

Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md

Opening And Closing Hours Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md

The following are the opening and closing hours at Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md

  • Monday - 5AM–9PM
  • Tuesday  - 5AM–9PM
  • Wednesday - 5AM–9PM
  • Thursday - 5AM–9PM
  • Friday  - 5AM–9PM
  • Saturday - 7AM–6PM
  • Sunday - 8AM–3PM

Real customer testimonials for Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md

Here's an Amazing Review from Powerhouse Gym Cambridge Md customers

By: Stephen Lund 3 years ago

They should rename this place "Rappers Gym." Unless you really like rap music, you may be annoyed by the constant barrage of loud rap song after rap song. Even though the manager doesn't have time to fix machines that are out of adjustment or work erratically, he does have time to get in the music business.He makes a song playlist that we all have to listen to. He justifies his approach by saying there is many rock songs in the list and it is on shuffle. Well, his shuffler sucks. It was much better when they just had a professional DJ do the music. I believe they used to use XM radio or Pandora and it was a lot better then. Also, this is the first gym I have ever seen that does not have a weight rack near each bench for bench press. Only 45's are available at each bench. If you want anything else you have to go over to the squat rack and get it. There is not much room around the squat racks, so either you have to wait for someone to finish a set or risk getting in their way. Overall the place has some good equipment but I feel it should be managed differently. Maybe someone should open a another gym in Cambridge. Maybe an Anytime Fitness or a Planet Fitness?

By: Douglas Dorsch , 3 Years ago

These people are like family to me. I have been a member of powerhouse gym for over a year now and I have made relationships that will last a lifetime. I have lost over 100 myself since coming here. Between the friendly staff, members and trainers there is no way you can not be motivated in an environment like this. People have noticed a change in my confidence and I can honestly say this place saved my life. I wake up and look forward to the time i get to spend here.

By: Tia's Routine , 2 years ago

To be honest, I freaking hate this place. You have people who's there, act like their stuff doesn't stink. Not only that, but every time I go with my boyfriend sometimes. I get made in fun of because of my looks :'( it really hurts, because I come there To exercise. Not To judge other people. You also have others staring like I'm some type of suspect. Didn't want to bring this up,because some of the staffs are pretty cool and nice. I've been bullied my whole entire life and this just makes me sick to my stomach.

By: Alma Fitzgerald, Realtor , 5 years ago

I've been a member for 9 years. Great instructors, classes & trainers! They are always changing things up so the classes aren't repetitious & boring. Fun & different levels of challenges in all classes. :)

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Cambridge Canada Fitness Gym United States
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